16 and 18 Gisburn Road, Blacko:

Extracts from deeds by Mrs J Brown:

15th April 1824:
Surrender of plot of land owned by William Farrington – part of his Watermeetings estate,  divided when Gisburn Road was made about 1805 – to Thomas Wilkinson. This plot of 196 square yards adjoined ‘the Doles’ and on the south side of a house owned by Henry Guy. The Doles is the land on the Watermeetings side of Gisburn Road in Blacko - from behind the Post Office and running up towards Spout Houses. The name signifies an area of once-common ground. Part of the Doles was purchased by Admergill later in the 19th century.

2nd Aug 1825:
Loan to Thomas Wilkinson of £100 from Charles Carr, Gent of Skipton at 5% interest on security of four dwellings recently erected on the said plot of land. Lived in by Charles Oddie, James Baldwin, James Lowcock and Thomas Wilkinson.

In 1829 Thomas Wilkinson was unable to pay his mortgage so Charles Carr sells to William Baldwin, Wireworker of Barrowford, those 4 houses now tenanted by Tabitha Wilkinson, William Shutt and William Whipp.

5th Dec 1855:
William Baldwin of Hubby Causeway, Barrowford, surrendered his cottages to his nephew William Baldwin, son of Henry Baldwin of Blacko, Shopkeeper, now tenanted by John Broughton, John Speak, John Fletcher and William Robinson.

18th Oct 1872:
William and Alice Baldwin of Barnoldswick sold the property for £140 to Robert Lonsdale of Colne, Draper, 2 cottages occupied by Thomas Dugdale and Bradley Starkie and 1 cottage empty.

19th March 1908:
Robert Lonsdale sells for £220 to John Henry Foulds, of 2 Gisburn Road,Blacko, Butcher, numbers 16 and 18, now empty but formerly occupied by Thomas Waddilove.

From Barrets Directories:
In 1896, 1899,1902 and 1905 editions numbers 16 and 18 Gisburn Road were jointly occupied by William Thompson, Grocer and Postmaster.

In 1902 the landlord of the Sun Inn was Hartley Crabtree and it was given as number 24. By 1933 it was called The Rising Sun and occupied by William Henry Walton who by 1937 was occupant of number 16 Gisburn Road.

John A Clayton